Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So, some crazy images on CG Society done by Marc Mordelet. The concept is extremely similar to my thesis, but his inspiration was discovering the "true face of his friends" instead of scientific experiments. I was showing this to some of my friends a few days ago and then I just saw that he got on the front page of the site. Woohoo~

He used 3dxmas, zbrush, and photoshop. Here is a render before being composited.

Here is the WIP thread.

The modeling is awesome and the texturing looking flawless.
Some one has commented that the eyes look too human, but it is obvious that this creature is a hybrid, and he needs to have some sort of human characteristics.
It is really hard to find the balance between the human characteristics and animal characteristics.
Hope I can get to this level some day...

p.s. His images are HUGE~~
p.s.2 I can never remember how many u's there are in his title...>_<

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